To my Anti-Trumpists intellectual Facebook friends.

And so, I have these Facebook friends, intelligent friends who resort to all sort of gyp artist deeply intellectual statements who are in disbelieve that “I am a Trumpist” even if I myself tell them clearly that I am not.

So far they have good intentions. They want to “deprogram” me from Donald Trump’s cult by telling me that my stand is an anti-intellectual one. They are in shock that someone like me, who appreciate so much the “stature” of Heidegger and yet fall so low to the “minioness” of Trump.

Here is my good intended answer to them:

Stop mirroring your critique of Trump. Stop your cult of a self-servicing Enlightenment which encourages your anti-Trumpist stand. Stop being an intellectual lip service for the greater power of a capital that silently manufacture your “intelligent” consent.

Trump could have not been worth your enrage, and yet Trump has become worthy for the worthlessness you have fallen into with him.

I say it one more time to you, I am not a Trumpist and by going against Trump in the way you do, you have only stained further your own stand.

If Trump is a baby, you have not thrown the baby out with the bathwater, you have poured the dirty water all over you and mocked the baby in self-content.

Trump is against cancel culture. Trump is against woke culture. Trump is against the putrefying flesh of Identity Politics dressed up as vultures culture.

You see, I am against all that, and Trump is not just all that.

Whatever else Trump is, it comes down to two things. One, he is just another politician, just like any predecessor, giving you no reason for so much drama and outrage for him not being “presidential”. Trump has done wrong things, just like any other politician, none of which go so much attention. Two, Trump has a big mouth, and it has cost him dearly.

We cannot see Trump without the culture he lives in. It is a culture of political correctness in which being politically incorrect can put you in jail. A culture in which you can be racist just for being white, and you can be misogynist just for being a man.

A culture in which words that used to be further apart as synonyms have become now conjoined twins if not the same. A culture in which metaphors erase their distances with reality and are forced to be literal meanings and so offenses and being offended is all over the place.

Trump just happens to be president in a culture like this. The mainstream media and Democrats say that Trump is an embarrassment to America, but actually, this culture was prior to Trump, and it was already an embarrassment to America.

This has been a double movement. Trump became the wolf of the already existing red ridding hood culture and the red riding hood culture was desperate to find its wolf to make its story heard even at the hefty price of having to invent one.

This red-ridding-hood that our culture has become has actively worked day and night on the staging, promoting and manufacturing Trump, the wolf, as the very symbol of hate he represents to them.

I could even say that my intellectual Facebook friends are the ones not responding to the Trump phenomenon with the acute finesse of analysis not that Trump requires but that they are supposed to demand of themselves. All I see is a vulgar street-savvy anti-Trumpism ornamented with pseudo-wisdom remarks.

And then as part of my Facebook friends' deprogram project over me, they refer to Heidegger even knowing the controversial topic that Heidegger and National-Socialism (Nazi party) entails.

Funnily enough, I have kept the title of my Facebook entries as Ponderings not just because it refers to the current trilogy of books by Heidegger I have been reading (Black Notebooks), but because Heidegger in this trilogy represents a vigorous criticism precisely to this red-ridding-hood culture that has spewed Trump out not as the real Trump we see but as the Trump they have created and manufactured to their own ends.

What can I tell my anti-Trumpists intellectual Facebook friends now? I hope you celebrate your short-lived Trump impeachment party. Trump will be back and probably not as Trump but as a different wolf who you single-handedly are going to create again because you have not yet learned in your own enlightenment that an individual above all is the result of his or her circumstances.

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.

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