Teal Swan’s Enlightened Sadomasochism.


The most puzzling thing about having supporters and critics is that they might never get to the core of your ideas, but they will definitely represent them and misrepresent them always better than you can.

Simple. Teal practice the old tradition of Manichaeism. She sees things in a dualistic manner and when one of the polarities (the positive) becomes too much of a burden the opposite polarity (the negative) ought be emphasised dogmatically and persistently.

Sometimes things have to get a lot worse before they get any better. For Teal Swan things have to always get a lot worse before they get any better.

If the universe is made of polarities, as Teal wants us to believe, then, what the polarity of her motto, “whatever we resist, persists” would be? The very mechanism that is activated in our brains when we get addicted to drugs is the very mechanism that drags us into extreme negative states. The question to ask Teal would be, why she assumes that everything that happens in our brain, that can lead us strongly into the wrong path, have to be welcome? Why any negative thing has to be accepted as a blanket? Shouldn’t we welcome some negative things and reject others?

If Teal truly believe in polarities, she has completely neglected that in the same way some people are dragged into negativity, other people are dragged into positivity. Meaning, some people will resiliently keep positive and not precisely because they have been brainwashed into the positive but because a force bigger than them drags them into the positive.

If positive focus is in Teal’s universe a way of denial and “spiritual bypassing”, as she loves to call it, why negative focus wouldn’t be also a way of denial and “spiritual bypassing”. Teal, obviously, has no answer for that because she is 100% focused on the specific politics of denying the positive and spiritually bypassing it. Teal actually takes the positive as if it were an extraneous force artificially implanted in the human mind for the purpose of deluding and misguiding it. Teal is the perfect Sado-Masochist. She could have saved a lot mental and spiritual misery to herself if she had read properly Marques De Sade.

Teal calls “endurism” the practice of suffering for the benefit of forcing ourselves into the positive neglecting the negative, but then, when Teal is recommending us to force ourselves into the negative, but this time, not as a negative blanket, but as Teal’s valuable negative, which she is determined to baptise it as true healing, it wouldn’t be Teal’s “endurism”, but Teal’s only road to recovery. Teal’s method is actually the most enduring deceit she keeps over cooking for herself.

Teal throws a general blanket for all positive things when it is convenient to her to attack the positive under the umbrella of the Law of Attraction, but she also throws a general blanket for all negative things when it is convenient to her to attack the negative under the umbrella of “endurism”.

But, guess what? “Endurism” would be ok for Teal if the pain you have to go through come from Teal dogmatic and unquestionable advices. Teal is, no doubt, the best enduring sophist despise her utter bypassing of all inconsistencies and nonsense.

Teal politicise the polarity of the negative and the positive in favour of the negative as if in itself the negative had more vital force than the positive to actually keep us alive. Teal doesn’t understand the natural indifference of polarities and the fact that we humans are the one anthropomorphising those forces, when they both, the positive or the negative can be as much detrimental as beneficial to us.

Teal favour pain and suffering, despite her denials, as a transition to healing and recovery because pain and suffering has been the way she has tried to heal herself, which not necessary mean is the way other people could heal too.

Teal’s motto, “whatever we resist, persists” will eventually bite its own tail and those under her spell. People relentlessly resisting the positive will eventually succumb to it in the same way they did when resisting the negative. Teal should learn to dance with both ancient deities, Dionysus and Apollo, not in balance, but in constant unbalance without favouritism and without lobbying for one only.

Teal has let herself be so affected by the horses of the Law of Attraction that they snatched from her the intrinsic and surplus value of positivity. She has made the negative a method and the positive an outcome, but in the process she forgot to declutter the negative by taking it at face value.

You can see that in Teal’s random syntactically distorted smile. Teal tends to unexpectedly smile after showering our minds with heavy twisted verbosity as if her smile were an out of body experience letting us know that there is more under her sleeve that the listener is unable to capture.

Teal’s syntactically distorted smile tells us:

“Look how smart I am. I salivate in the fact that what I say can look like nonsense but only to those with lower intelligence.”

I am sorry to disappoint you Teal, your awkward smile is actually what could save you from your nonsense, but you fail consistently capitalising on humour and your own speech keeps you locked underground while your body is on its own enlightening the YouTube screen.

Teal is not chained to a rock as Prometheus was for giving fire to humanity, but she is locked in Tartarus as a semi Medusa taking care of zombies from the underworld for petrifying and giving them life with her spits.

Imagine you set on a journey to extract diamond from one hundred rivers infected with crocodiles, but after some research you discover via rigorous archeological findings that diamonds are actually found high in the mountains and only in two rivers.

Teal would mistrust the rigorous findings and would still command you to dive into all the rivers infected with crocodiles to find the diamonds because in her sadomasochist mind diamonds can only be found among crocodiles.

Teal reminds me of the monkey who was given an eternity and a typewriter under the hope that it would blister its fingers to death for all eternity until eventually it would type Shakespeare’s entire work. Teal has not healed yet from her suffering and because she still take purposely induced suffering as a way of healing she is just giving people more wounds to heal just to prove that their scars can make their skin tougher and stronger.

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.