It is hard not to read “between the lines” for every laugh, smile, wink, hand gestures and even legs movements that Teal Swan showers our eyes with as she smoothly navigate the perils of her relentless verbal odyssey.

A few mythological characters have traveled to the underworld and returned back still humans like Odysseus and Hercules. Teal Swan never made it to the overground, but we can’t either say that she is trapped in the underworld. She never made it to be immortal, not even as a Titan.

She might appear to have, however, some of Medusa’s traits, like being able not so much to stone people, but rather to stone each of her recipe-like statements and made them feel as solid as diamonds in the sky.

But Medusa was too much of an unfortunate villain since she was raped by Poseidon and Teal Swan never had the princess-like childhood that Medusa had as one of Athena’s maiden.

We will have to imagine someone more appropriate, a chantress, slightly descendant of Titans, with some earth-like forces, including cunning, with strong but not obvious malevolent intentions. My best choice would be Circe, a minor nymph goddess of nature who turned Odysseus’ men into pigs and all sort of deformed creatures.

Teal Swan vibrations, energy and way of thinking tries to raise her devotees to the lofty regions of human spirituality by making them first munch and glutton like pigs in the misery of their on suffering.

To put it in more modern times, Teal Swan is the Juliettine portmanteau mutant female of whom Marquis De Sade didn’t have time to write about from his prison cell. There is something of benevolent and there is something of malevolent in Tea Swan, just like in Justine and in Juliette, but such mix is not the mix that she herself associates to all of us humans. Her mix comes from a deeply broken soul who is far from having healed herself even as she tries to heal others.

But let’s explore some of Teal’s ideas in all their glory.

Teal tells us:

“Only you can know what your boundaries are”.

This is probably the most self-defeating statement I have ever heard apart from the Liars paradox. Self-made-masked-paradox are the best way to confuse people who are already confused and vulnerable to make an arbitrary choice influenced by the very person who is advising her targets not to let be influenced by anyone.

If it were true that only I can know what my boundaries are, such statement can only be uttered and recognised as valid by me without the influence of the person who utters it, in this case, Teal. Teal, has just done her undercover work on the unconscious of her target: To make them believe that “only them can know what their boundaries are”, while simultaneously presents her case as a free choice she is showing her target to have.

Imagine that someone with decisions problems wants to meet you. Imagine now that they have the intention of getting some guidance from you and you are willing to offer it. But there is a hiccup: She is the best to advice you about a topic you know best than her in her own words. So, you shouldn’t follow her advice, but if you don’t it would still be motivated by her advice.

Conclusion: Her advice is meaningless unless she breaks it down into more manageable suggestions. Teal, in other of her videos, calls similar type of behaviour, spiritual bypassing. Here her answer is the most self-indulgent spiritual bypassing among all the ones she has proudly presented.

This is another of those moments in which Teal’s self-awareness and spiritual integrity are at their lowest, not just because she is “human” like all of us, but because she is not being authentic to her own motto if her motto is not the art of deception, be it conscious or unconscious.

Teal, I’m not a hater nor your enemy but felt compelled to write this and ask myself questions that now I address to you.

What is the best sign of a virus efficiency? Its resilience to thrive imitating its host vitality almost better than its host.

What is the best sign of a narcissist efficiency? Her/his resilience to thrive imitating an empath’s kindness almost better than any empath.

What is the best sign of a person who has a money driven efficiency? Her/his resilience to thrive imitating non money driven causes almost better than any non money driven cause.

Fill below with any negative quality you have encountered:

What is the best sign of a […] efficiency? Her/his resilience to thrive imitating an […] almost better than any […].

What is the best sign of our body efficiency? Its resilience to protect us by even confusing sperms with foreign invaders.

What is the best sign of our mind efficiency? Its resilience to approximate the truth so accurately that often it makes us believe to be absolute.

I am impressed but not surprised by Teal Swan dexterity in trying to mollycoddle her views into an state of absolute impossible rational rebuttal. She might have forgotten that it is not only the sleep of reason that produces monsters, as Goya once said, but it is also its light and its enlightenment. Teal’s “impossible rational rebuttal” is so effective, specially to herself, that by now she might have already become too blind to put aside her efficient Swiss knife narrative that keeps her forever more in her own rational cocoon for any answer she might venture in replying back to me.

I think I fully understand her. I mean, from my own filters. To create a solid holistic view and call it “new”, we require to shuffle around like the pieces of a domino game and expect that the arrangement that we will create out of the pieces which we will select (and she arranges a lot of words for the sake of her own dogma) will not only decide the outcome of what will happen on that table, but the outcome beyond the rules in which the game is based on. It is like expecting to create a domino effect beyond that table even when she perfectly knows the boundaries of that table. She trust too much her logical assertions and their validity, or at least, she appear to be doing so. However, in her own parallel mental reality, she doesn’t ,and she can’t tell us that because otherwise her own rational edifice would collapse like a house of cards out of Alice in Wonderland worse nightmare. Bear this in mind, I am not criticising Teal. I am holding her words hostage, both like raw material and like a lotus blossom, to criticise myself and grow.

And I say to her and myself, be a sharper critic of yourself than of others. You will either continuously tap yourself on your shoulders or challenge yourself to grow. Often we grow not inward, but concaved (hollowed inward). We become more toxic for the joy and also misery of others when we shield other’s criticism with solidly constructed “impossible rational rebuttal” and turn such rationality into a mission statement of our lives as if light or enlightenment were all that harmless. The sun is a t a distance from us for a “reason”, the moon too and the earth too.

When Teal stated and I quote:

“When you are in an attitude of criticism there is not absolutely care or regard for the person who is on the receiving end of the information.”

Teal is assuming that criticism is just an “attitude” and not also a cognitive method or style of approach. In fact, critical theory and literary criticism have been part of the history of art without any of the “attitude” Teal referred to. When it comes to epistemology, for instance, criticism has nothing to do with disregarding or the caring of the person. The psychological aspect is simply not accounted for because it would be considered as an ad hominem allegation that focuses in the character of a person rather than on ideas.

Teal has psychologised criticism in a very arbitrary way. The history of criticism is not only a psychological one, but also a cognitive one. Criticism has served the development of knowledge as a heuristic method regardless of whether it has been “constructive” criticism or “destructive” criticism. Hence, the cognitive aspect of Teal view on criticism is lacking. The same would apply to her understanding of judgement. Judgement is not only a psychological term, but also an epistemological one. When we judge we not only pass an opinion of value referring to a person, but we also pass a viewpoint of value referring to ideas.

In another of her videos she stated and I quote:

“When we come into this world people don’t look at us as if we are a lotus blossom like it is their jobs to help us unfold so that they can see the mystery and the magic and the present in the gift of what we are. Instead they look at us like we are raw material that needs to be moulded. Almost like we do not have an inner essence and we know what is best for that person to become so let’s shape them into that.”

The lotus flower, like any flower, is exposed to the natural elements, in this case, sunlight, wind, insects and birds. To assume that the blossoming of the lotus flower is a completely unhindered process is to have a bucolic naive view on nature. Even many flowers phenotype change to blossom at different seasons to avoid birds predation of their seeds. Ants create partnership with plants and their flowers to use them as raw material to mould them in exchange of protection. In this process, the “inner essence” of the flowers or of the ants is not lost.

But let’s ask first, how Teal Swan has shaped her ideas and viewpoints throughout her life? Second, how she has shaped the world around her with such ideas. Surely, Teal’s viewpoints have come to her as part of the process of being moulded as a raw material in her past and in her current life. However, we should ask, if Teal is promoting to let things and people blossom in their true essence, how come she has been moulding as raw material not only the ideas she has inherited from her past, but the ideas she continuously feeds on around her? Shouldn’t she let all ideas around her blossom, instead of taking them as raw material to mould them to her own beliefs? Shouldn’t she let ideas, which come to her head, blossom naturally without taking them as raw material to mould?

Teal might fail to understand that she, the forerunner, trying to dodge the bullet of polarities, right when she is thinking she is doing so, she is accelerating her own homemade polarities by assuming that flowers blossoming and human socialization are distinct processes marked by the presence of the natural in the first one and the artificial in the second one. I don’t even dare to say that I have criticised her views, but rest assure, hers are full of inconsistencies about which she lacks complete self-awareness.



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