Political lessons learned from the San Isidro Movement.

1- That the Cuban communist regime will always connect all political opposition with the United States and will always take all domestic civil protests as foreign intervention.

2- That the political opposition has never had significant popular support, therefore, the political opposition has to go beyond “art” and “intellectuals”, and address more to the Cuban people as a whole.

3- That the political opposition has never had the official support of any sector. Since there is a picture of Fidel and communist paraphernalia in all Cuban institutions, the only decent morality in Cuba, officially, is communist morality. The official support for the political opposition will be a late process given the state of communist indoctrination by which the entire country is engulfed.

4- That the political opposition has no other option, but to receive financial and moral support from abroad, and that considering it “foreign interference” is simply moral indolence of the communist regime that does not allow the institutional development of voices opposed to the ruling party.

5- That the political opposition cannot try to make a clean slate of its demands, since it does not have the infrastructure for a replacement of such magnitude. Only sufficient popular support would allow such a thing.

6- That political demands cannot be presented under the cover of art or any other profession but as citizen demands, that is, political demands, otherwise, the opposition will continue to go around the bush and not take the root of the problem: The Cuban communist regime does not peacefully accept institutionalized opposing voices in society.

7- That the Cuban judicial system is arbitrarily and abusively linked with the official party of the country when it should be independent or at least try.

8- That a transition towards a freer society in Cuba is going to happen with the communists in power. After all, they have already betrayed their own values ​​at their convenience. Like it or not, political opponents, even with shared power, will have to work with communists.

9- Remember, once in power, the rulers do not stay in power fundamentally by or as a result of their ideas, very few do. Therefore, power must be eroded not with the power that one does not have (ego impulses) but with the real power that one can gain, not among those already in power, but with the power granted among those whom the existing power oppresses, the people.

10- That the final objective is not to remove the communists from power, once and for all, but to work with them in the management and exercise of power for the mutual benefit of the Cuban people.



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Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.