For those in love with the real, the realists.

What if delusion didn't exist?

What if everything we call subjective experiences weren't subjective at all?

What if the real and reality were too greedy and extended literally everywhere even to that which we commonly consider unreal?

What if when things are not real they were just less real with no need to call them unreal?

It sounds preposterous, right?

Such omnipresence of reality would be the exact reversal of its disappearance as we are experiencing it today through our persistent inward journey into our own worlds.

What if everything, absolutely everything, were real and everything became a matter of accepting some real things and rejecting others?

What if what we call unreal were just the real things we reject and what if what we call real were just the real things we accept?

What if doing so were much more than just semantic acrobatics?

You might rightly think that nothing really changes by such semantic reversal. I would advice you, just be patient, hang in there, and try to think again.

Let's accept the premise that everything is real. Let's also accept that the strength of the real is determined by those things that at any given time have turned more steadily real and created habits in us.

We have already done the opposite reversal and we have assumed that everything changes when we do so. Since a while now, we have comfortably assumed that everything is subjective and that nothing is real because we have become the creative agencies of our own sense of reality.

If such idea doesn't feel preposterous then the idea that everything is real shouldn't feel preposterous either. If you have found that accepting that reality is subjective, even when you know how tricky is to fully accept so, give us some creative advantages over such reality. Then, you should be able to appreciate the creative advantage of accepting that everything is real and objective, even when you will also discover how tricky is to fully accept so.

Most of us are aware that the world in which we live is far bigger physically and mentally on a daily basis. Yet, even when reality can glutton in the greed of objectivity since what it shows can often be stranger than fiction, we, humans, can also glutton in the greed of subjectivity since we can easily consider as part of our world things which are far removed from our immediate experience and things which our current mindset is unable to process.

Each us our worlds, no matter how small, no matter how big, are intuitively taken by us as the WORLD, even when intellectually we are aware that the world is far bigger and our mental make up of it is constantly framed by our local mindset. That is how our world is felt and thought as the WORLD.

And you could rightly wonder, is the WORLD my world? Is my world the WORLD or is my world just part of the WORLD? You might not be inclined or you might even be hesitatant to accept that it is all of the above and more, much more . Yet, that could tell us not only how greedy reality is, but also how much of a grantor it is since reality possesses and holds on to nothing.

All of us has a perception of the world as a whole that it often perfectly matches with our own limited experience of the world.

Our ontological urge to make the size of the WORLD the exact size of our own personal world is so imperative that if we were to lose one arm or leg, in most cases our mind will find a way to readjust and see the body again as complete and fully functional even under the awareness of the missing limp.

We always think that way, that all there is to the WORLD is all there is to our world. Our mindset cannot change even when we might acknowledge it to be wrong. For our mindset to truly change it would require not only to see beyond but to be and feel beyond.

Each of our world is in itself complete and full of endless possibilities and when we tap into the beyond of our world and of the WORLD as we know it, we always have to transition first into limbo.

Sometimes our endless possibilities are beyond the endless possibilities of our current world. To transition from a world of endless possibilities into another world of endless possibilities is one of the hardest moments in the evolution of your self.




Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.

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Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.

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