NOESIS — translated variously as “insight” or “understanding” or “intellection.” Noesis is both the immanent light of anticipated wholeness within dianoia and a transcendent desideratum outside of dianoia. Noesis is the unknown ‘X’ of form/eidos toward which dianoia extends. Noesis is the place of settled knoweldge.

DIANOIA — translated variously as “thinking” or “thought” or “thinking-things-through.” Dianoia is hypothetical, calculative thinking. Just as eikasia is “the power to see an image as an image,” so dianoia is “the power to think an opinion as an opinion. It is the recognition in opinion of the defect inherent in mere opinion. Both pistis and dianoia are based in opinion. ”

PHRONESIS — is an Ancient Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence. It is more specifically a type of wisdom relevant to practical action, implying both good judgment and excellence of character and habits or practical virtue.

We don't need mass forgetting. Who and what we have been are the best way we have gone about it.

If you tell me: "It could have been better or it could have been different, I would say, yes. Still, it wouldn't have been perfect, and, if so, still we would have thought in retrospective that the sense of perfection we had long ago is not longer optimal to our current standards.

It might sound counterintuitive, but we are only able to grow from our past when the past has long gone. Every existing creature in this universe is and has been in constant trial and error in its serendipitous living and existing. Don't forget, we are not in that sense any more different than the rest of the living creatures on this planet. We are meant to err to get it right. It is only through steps of improvements and failures that we can create balance.

Everything that feels like horrendous today when we look far into our past as a species and as we also look into our present is the result not only of having found better solutions today but also of not having yet the optimal solutions to solve our current problems.

Everything which is embedded into our DNA is without a doubt the best, otherwise, we wouldn't be still roaming this planet. The collapse of an entire species is possible, but that again has been the challenge that many other species before humans have been facing in their natural dance to coexist in this complex ecosystem called planet earth.

We often idolize nature as if the struggle of balance and imbalance weren't part of her before she brought us into existence and we the humans were the major culprit of her unbalance. We are part of nature, she moves through us as we move her and appear to control her.

We ought ourselves to remember who and what we have been as species, that includes the bad, the horrendous, the evil, the good, the extraordinary, the amazing, the divine, the sublime and our excellence to have survived and created wonders out of a long gone and truly hostile planet for creatures like us.

We ought to ourselves to remember that we have forgotten that which we can't remember that we have forgotten. It is the greatness of our civilization what can bring us to our knees. It is the greatness of a culture what can bring her demise.

Greatness should be handled with care because at the same time that it creates inspirations bigger than life worth pursuing it can also bring inspirations bigger than life that havoc our very existence.

There have never been and there will never be a conscious state of mass self-awareness. We humans have a better mechanism for that, our collective unconscious.

Self-awareness by its own definition involves individuation and individuation at a mass scale is what our unconscious and DNA do best through trial and error. However, to do its best our unconscious and our DNA require of a principle of randomness and free flow that constantly reshuffle our sense of self-awareness to make it more acute.

Randomness and free flow expose us to vulnerabilities and also getting things terribly wrong. That, however, contains our chances to get thing truly right, maybe every time better.

Collective efforts are possible and desirable, but not leading to the creation of ONE self-aware collective being, but to the creation of self-aware individuals who continue to promote diversity in self-awareness so that the spontaneous resonance is let to manifest by its own accord.

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.