Ok, let’s put it this way: Let’s remove the shooting, just the shooting, nothing else.

Would Childish Gambino vídeo still pull so much attention? No.

Are the issues in the video still extremely relevant even if the shooting were removed? Yes.

What exactly is the video making relevant?

That democracy has reached an absolute state of validity: Virtually everything can have a go and be relevant, meanwhile what is in the background need to be ignored not because it is not relevant but because there are too many things in the foreground distracting.

Is being distracted a crime? Is it worse than shooting? Unfortunately no until distractions make us not criminals or unlawful but something worse: Biologically incapable of perceiving the suffering of others unless is obscenely spitted on our eyes.

How long will it take to blur this video in the background of America’s life? Or even ignore it completely like the white horse galloping in it?

That is America and Childish Gambino is in denial trying to rescue his America from being America.

What Childish Gambino is ignoring is that even when the content of his video is extremely relevant and shouldn’t be taken just as another rap clip on the screen, the very nature of the video eagerly invites to take it just like that.

Have Childish Gambino asked himself if it has been precisely that America he describes so eloquently, the one that brought him to fame?

“In America, it is not the highest virtue, nor the heroic act, that achieves fame, but the uncommon nature of the least significant destiny. There is plenty for everyone, then, since the more conformist the system as a whole becomes, the more millions of individuals there are who are set apart by some tiny peculiarity. The slightest vibration in a statistical model, the tiniest whim of a computer are enough to bathe some piece of abnormal behaviour, however banal, in a fleeting glow of fame.”

Jean Baudrillard, America.

Democracy has reached such absolute level of accomplishment that today morality and immorality are both rampant and virulent. Slow systematic harm is everywhere, but such harm is not outside the law, but neither within it in plain sight.

We are falling pray of inflicting a kind of systematic harm to others and to ourselves that can’t be criminalised nor kept at bay through any legal arrangements. Our humanity is being called voluntary and without any direct or indirect price tag. We keep failing that call through the relentless monetisation of anything that slightly smell either immediate or future value.

Democracy’s highest achievement is that we are all finally free to inflict harm which can’t be criminalised and it is up to us and solely to each of us as individuals to stop our relentless moral and inmoral relativism.

America doesn’t suffer from democracy’s bankruptcy, on the contrary, democracy absolute success keeps accelerating America’s joyful and disciplined moral bankruptcy.

Donald Glover has some skills, a craft he is recognised for and makes money from. We, however, assume that there is something that is not a craft which some people do that can touch us at deeper levels unlike any craft. At times, we are willing to pay for it more than for any craft.

Most of us can acknowledge that there are things which cannot and shouldn’t be monetise, specially because they are not a craft nor a real service to profit from. Yet, if people are still willing to pay for it, those people certainly deserve the overtly monetised society they live in.

Things which are priceless are truly priceless and those things are universal things which are not a craft. They can never be a craft, they will never be a craft and they should never be a craft.

If what truly pays is attention and attention can be drawn with or without a craft, but the true foundation of a prosperous commerce is craftsmanship, it is not a sign of prosperity to pay for something travestied like a craft when it is not.

When an artist, aka, a musician, a comedian, a performer or a business profit from the collateral memes of his or her craft while such memes occupy the centre of their narrative and people are willing to pay for touchy uncrafted work, it shows the level of decadence, faked and hoaxed prosperity of that society.

Donald Glover shouldn’t profit from his political memes and “shouldn’t” here is obviously a moral stand, not a legal one. Yet, if people are still willing to pay him and give him the attention that makes him millions I think his whole political denunciation is a charade.

Since morality has become the most democratic commodity we are unlikely to expect any true moral convictions about anyone’s ethical stands. That should be the most gloomy aspect of today democracy’s debriefing: Its cancerous relativism.

We have reached a point in which if our basic humanity is not able to help us in creating consensus and order and it keeps more inclined to entropy and chaos we will fail as species to continue to live in this planet.



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Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.