Sally Kohn.

A specter is haunting the world — The spectre of the Regressive Left Liberals.

The American Democrat Party today as the spin doctor of a wide gamut of voices on the left side of the political divide has risen as the undisputed backer of mainstream values. The pedigree of the left is versatile, crossbred and its offsprings have a great variety of mutants and deviants.

The Left is not felt often like it has been in power. Its insurgents have branched out so much to the most outer perimeters of its meaningful existence that to be in power, to be mainstream, to be status quo from the Left or from the Right today is to anchor all values in a Matrix of power that is truly anonymous, neutral, middling, while, as we go wider into its periphery, there is bloodshed and a great deal of nonsense fuelled with cheerful, boisterous, violent animosity as if social changes could only come from screaming or killing.

We have Social Justice Warriors promoting socially progressive views; like feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, political correctness and identity politics (LGBTQ).

The problem with Social Justice Warriors is that initially it was viewed as a neutral or positive term for people engaged in social justice. Today, however, is more related to people or groups engaged in disingenuous social justice arguments or activism to raise their personal reputation.

We also have a highly crafted political correctness coming from the mainstream elite of the Democrat party. If only political correctness were based on uttering the right words. Donald Trump vulgarity is a distraction bait. Political correctness is a Matrix of action driven by the laziness of a fast-paced living to always choose the lesser of two evils and display it as the best choice.

Political correctness is based today on the practice of highly crafted lobbyism, which diplomatically prompts those involved to tone down their demands or do the lesser of two evils on the side of benefiting donors.

And as if that wasn't enough, we have a large amount of politically defunct leftists and rightists cynic very disappointed with the Left and the Right, orbiting in the outer perimeters of political activism, going on with their lives and glancing over what for them has become a complete carnival and a bankruptcy of politics as a space for civic action.

The regressive sentiment about Liberal and Western values is something that has been haunting the Left since the times of Marx, passing through Critical Theory with Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Jürgen Habermas, Michael Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze and many others in France and Germany.

But we might wonder, what is so regressive about all these intellectual influences that the political Left has had over the period spanning from the '60s onwards?

Carl Marx has always been a recurring meme in the narrative of the political Left. Marx, in his most political overtones, hijacked the revolutionary spirit to put it at the service of a very specific ideology: The ideology that considers most of human history a terrible blunder of class exploitation.

From such assumption, many algorithms could be built to reinvent the social wheel and re-engineer the human odyssey many times over. Unfortunately, it would all end up in something similar to what we already got today.

It is not that changing society radically is impossible, but changing it over the bases of having been wrong for most of its existence allows for the new utopian society to be built only on the grounds of its citizens being haunted by the same wrongdoing its predecessors were condemned for. Terror and totalitarianism would be fast knocking down their doors.

To assume that most of human history is a history of misery and exploitation is ludicrous, lacking of common sense and of scientific validity. But, what about the opposite idea? What if human societies were all about an evolutionary process leading inexorably to progress and enlightenment?

The Left has had a particular critical view about Enlightenment, be it 18th century Europe Enlightenment or any other progressive liberal advancement. Many leftists have been jumping into the bandwagon of postmodernism, others have been waving to its passing trains, seeing its wagons derailing into all sort of unexpected ideological locations, even in full complicity with the Right.

The postmodern "deconstructive" skepticism and distrust toward grand narratives, ideologies and various tenets of rationality, including the existence of objective reality as well as notions of human nature and progress have cost the Left much more than all the presumptive benefits many leftists still think they can extract from such critical methods.

It is ok to work with uncertainty, but not for the sake of eroding your own truth or that of others. True uncertainty do not take sides. When we say, truth, it doesn't refer to ours nor yours nor the truth of others.

Truth belongs to all of us and others. Truth as truth is accessible to all of us and others, even when it might not initially originate in all of us nor others. When it does, we hastily assume it is our truth, but we are just ambassadors of our hearts and minds for us and for others. Our truth, if it is ours, it is gained with the forces of otherness within us, a force that is bigger than us until we measure up to it and become one with it.

It is ok to work with ambiguity and fuzziness, but not for the sake of appearing ambiguous for us and others so that underneath we can operate with our hidden agendas. Ambiguity and fuzziness are great tools for understand particular pattern of complex realities, but not for cheering unclear thinking and half-baked ideas.

When we and others have different values, it is ok to stand for others who are victims, but not for the sake of eroding our own values or that of others. If your values are different to mine, but you still deserve justice by both of our basic standards, my values or yours shouldn't interfere in the exercise of justice.

Perhaps, the Left should ask itself, what can it learn from the Right that could allow both to unite forces with each other so that what matters most is not where the truth originates, but if it can be reborn and be shared with all the nuances of our individual heritages and still feel its universality across all our divides.

The ripple and trickle-down effects of deconstruction, as it has given birth to its own truth and forced it to be reborn in decay, has damaged the political Left in ways which have never been foreseen.

Different kind of nonsensical anarchism and relativism have set in within both, leftist minority groups and leftist mainstream groups. The list goes from anarcho-capitalism to socialist-anarchism. Their internal unity has been fragmented to such lengths that they have been either forced to turn political activism into screaming rants or take the "lesser of two evils" side of things.

The Left has criticized its own Western values, but on doing so it has kept neglecting the fact that more radical and blunt enemies continue to capitalize and radicalize on the very loopholes of criticism and self-deprecation they continue to lousily promote.

Not all critical apparatus is doomed to failure, but the Left has kept using one that not only has kept it biting its own tail, but has kept it exposed for all its enemies to join the biting feast.

Glen Greenwald.



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Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Ulysses Alvarez Laviada

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. Friedrich Hegel.